500watt 600watt 1000watt 1500watt 2000watt 3000watt 12v 24v Dc To Ac Remote Control Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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FSA-B series is a full-power, high-quality and reliable off-grid pure sine wave DC-AC isolated pure sine wave inverter developed by our company based on years of inverter design experience.

This inverter has Modbus/CAN communication, the output voltage and frequency can be set, you can choose the remote control mode.

Socket type can be customized according to your needs, products are sold to the United States, Australia, Italy and other countries, has been widely praised by customers.

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Pure sine wave power inverter produces more stable voltage and frequency output, extremely reliable&clean power. It could prevent overheating and damage to sensitive device. The pure sine wave power inverter does not have the electromagnetic pollution in the power grid. It has strong load capacity, can carry the inductive load and any other general-purpose ac load.

1. Pure sine wave output Distortion rate≤3%;
2. -40℃ ~ +50℃ wide work range;
3. Intelligent fan cooling work mode;
4. Support RS485&CANBUS communication(optional);

5. Input reverse connection, low voltage, high voltage, output overload, short circuit, over temperature.etc.;
6. Wireless remote control or wired remote control and so on(optional);
7. DC input and AC output are completely isolated;
8. Suitable for lead acid battery and lithium battery;

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                                    Model FSA500B FSA1000B FSA1200B FSA1500B FSA2000B


Continuous Power

500 Watt

1000 Watt 1200 Watt 1500 Watt 2000 Watt
Peak Power

1000 Watt

2000 Watt 2400 Watt 3000 Watt 4000 Watt
Output Waveform 

Pure Sine Wave(Distortion rate≤3%)

Output Frequency


Output Voltage Default Setting: 230V±5V  Default Setting: 110V±5V
Other Voltage: 230V/240V Other Voltage: 110V/120V


Input Voltage





Input Voltage Rate DC9.5V-15.5V DC19V-31.5V DC9.5V-15.5V DC19V-31.5V
Low Voltage Alarm DC10.5V±0.5V DC21V±0.5V DC10.5V±0.5V DC21V±0.5V
Low Voltage Protection DC9.5±0.5V DC19±0.5V DC9.5±0.5V DC19±0.5V
Low Voltage Recovery DC12V±0.5V DC24.5V±0.5V DC12V±0.5V DC24.5V±0.5V
Over Voltage Recovery DC15V±0.5V DC30.5V±0.5V DC15V±0.5V DC30.5V±0.5V
Over Voltage Protection DC15.5V±0.5V DC31.5V±0.5V DC15.5V±0.5V DC31.5V±0.5V
Output Protection Over Temperature Protection


Protection mode: re-start after buzzer continuously alarm 5 sounds with turning off the output voltage and temperature lower than 65 degrees.
Output Short Circuit Protection mode: restore the output after turn off the output voltage and exclude the possibility of short circuit.
Overload Protection The load at 105-115% lasts for 180 seconds, and at 115-150% for 10 seconds
Protection mode: restore the output after the buzzer continuous alarm with turned off output and lower load
Conversion Efficiency

92% (Full load)

Wireless remote control

50m Barrier-free control inverter


RS-485 communication


CANBUS communication


TTL communication

No-load Current

≤0.3A (DC12V)

Working Temperature


Working Humidity

20-90%RH Non-condensing

Storage Temperature


Cooling Mode Intelligent temperature control air cooling, or fan start-up when temperature > 100W



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Pure sine wave power inverters are widely used in transportation system, small passenger cars, RVs, large trucks, motor trains, trains, airplanes and other transportation vehicles. At the same time, the pure sine wave inverter be used in raliways, industrial control, communication and exchange vehicles, civil offices, industrial and agricultural fields, military medical fields, transportation, etc. Pure sine wave power inverter not only brings us different protections such as, over-voltage protection, overload protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, positive and negative protection, etc. but also protects the safety of users.

Customer service

1. ODM/OEM service is offered.

2. Quick order confirmation.

3. Fast delivery time.

4. Convenient payment term.

At present, the company is vigorously expanding overseas markets and global layout. We are committed to becoming one of the top ten export enterprises in China’s electrical automatic product, serving the world with high-quality products and achieving a win-win situation with more customers.


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