Noker 3kv 6kv 10kv High Voltage Thyristor Soft Starter Motors Drives

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High voltage motor soft starter is designed with up-to date concept, mainly applicable to the control of and protection for the starting and stopping of squirrel-cage type asynchronous and synchronous motors. The starter is composed of several thyristors in series-parallel, and it can meet different current and voltage requirements.

High voltage motor soft starter is widely used in electric industry with rated voltage 3000 to 10000V, building materials chemical industry,metallurgy, steel and paper-making industries etc., and can perform well if used together with various kinds ofelectromechanical devices including water pumps, fans, compressors, crashers, agitators and conveyer belt etc., It is the ideal device for starting and protecting high voltage motors.

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High voltage motor soft starter is the new type ac motor start device to replace the conventional star-delta starter, self-coupling voltage-drop starter and magnetic control voltage-drop starter. The start current can be lower than about 3 times rated current and could start repeatedly and continuously.

The current transformer detects three-phase current and is used for current limiting and protection. Voltage transformer detects three-phase voltage. It is used for triggered phase detection and voltage protection for overvoltage and undervoltage. The MCU controller controls the thyristor for phase Angle trigger control, simultaneously reduces the voltage on the motor, limits the starting current, and smoothly starts the motor until the motor runs at full speed. After the motor is running at full speed, switch to the bypass contactor. The medium voltage motor soft starter continues to detect the parameters of the motor to protect the motor. The high voltage motor soft starter can reduce the inrush current of the motor and reduce the impact on the power grid and the motor itself. At the same time, it also reduces the mechanical impact on the motor loading device, prolongs the service life of the device and reduces the failure of the motor. The keyboard&display module display all the parameters and status data of the motor soft starter.

1. Free of maintenance: Thyristor is an electric device without contacts. Different from other kinds of products that need frequent maintenance on liquid and parts etc., it turns the mechanical lift into the service life of electronic components, so it needs no maintenance after running for many years.
2. Easy installation and operation: High voltage thyristor soft starter for controlling and protecting the starting of motor. It can put intooperation only with the power line and motor line connected. The whole system can be tested electrically under low voltage before operating with high voltage.
3. Backup: The starter comes equipped with a vacuum contactor which can be used to start the motor directly in the inside.If fails, the vacuum contactor can be used to start the motor directly to ensure the continuity of the production.

4. High voltage thyristor soft starter comes equipped with an electromagnetic blocking device for fear of entering the high voltage device in the electrified state.
5. Advanced optical fiber transmission technique realizes the triggering detection of high voltage thyristor and the isolation between LV control loops.
6. DSP microcontroller is used to perform central control which is real-time and high efficient with high reliability and excellent stability.
7. LCD/touch screen display system in both Chinese and English with human-friendly operation interface.
8. RS-485 communication port can be used to communicate with the upper computer or centralized control center.
9. All circuit boards of the high voltage thyristor soft starter be tested by aging experiments before dispatch.


Basic parameters
Type of load Three phase squirrel cage asynchronous and synchronous motors
AC voltage 3kv, 6kv, 10kv, 11kv
Power frequency 50/60hz±2hz
Phase sequence Allowed to work with any phase sequence
Bypass contactor Built-in bypass contactor
Control power supply AC220V±15%
Transient over voltage  Dv/dt snubber network
Ambient condition Ambient temperature: -20°C -+50°C  
Relative humidity: 5%----95% no condensation
Altitude less than 1500m (derating when altitude ismore than 1500m)
Protection function
Phase lose protection Cut off any phase of primary power supply in course of starting
Over-current protection Operational over-current protection setting: 20--500%Ie
Unbalanced current Unbalanced current protection: 0-100%
Overload protection 10a, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, off
Over-voltage protection 120% higher than primary voltage
Under-voltage protection 70% lower than primary voltage
Protocol Modbus RTU
Interface RS485


Model Voltage level Rated current Dimensions of the cabinet
  (kV) (A) H(mm) W(mm) D(mm)
NMV-500/3 3 1 13 2300 1000 1500
NMV-900/3 3 204 2300 1000 1500
NMV- 1250/3 3 283 2300 1200 1500
NMV- 1800/3 3 408 2300 1500 1500
NMV-2000/3 3 453 2300 1500 1500
NMV-2000/3 and above 3 >450 To be ordered
NMV-500/6 6 57 2300 1000 1500
NMV- 1000/6 6 1 13 2300 1000 1500
NMV- 1500/6 6 170 2300 1000  1500
NMV-2000/6 6 226 2300 1000  1500
NMV-2500/6 6 283 2300 1200  1500
NMV-3000/6 6 340 2300 1200  1500
NMV-3500/6 6 396 2300 1500  1500
NMV-4000/6 6 453 2300 1500  1500
NMV-4000/6 and above 6 >450 To be ordered
NMV-500/10 10 34 2300 1000 1500
NMV- 1000/10 10 68 2300 1000 1500
NMV- 1500/10 10 102 2300 1000 1500
NMV-2000/ 10 10 136 2300 1000 1500
NMV-2500/ 10 10 170 2300 1000 1500
NMV-3000/ 10 10 204 2300 1200 1500
NMV-3500/ 10 10 238 2300 1200 1500
NMV-4000/ 10 10 272 2300 1200 1500
NMV-5000/ 10 10 340 2300 1500 1500
NMV-6000/ 10 10 408 2300 1500 1500
NMV-6000/ 10 and above 10 >450 To be ordered

Before you order the medium voltage soft starters, you need offer some more information for us to confirm.

1. Motor parameters

2. Load parameters

3. Power supply parameters

4. Other parameters


China Supply 3kv 6kv 10kv Pump Compressor Medium Voltage Thyristor Motor Soft Starter

The high voltage thyristor soft starter is widely used in paper mill, coal mine, petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, water conservancy, military industry, metallurgy, steel, shipbuilding, sewage treatment, light industry, railway, building materials, municipal engineering, pharmaceutical and other industrial fields. Application examples Water pump: (e.g., water supply, drainage, sewage treatment, oil pump, coal mine underground pump) Air compressor: (e.g., centrifugal, plunger, screw, turbine) Mill rolling machine, extruder blower, fan, centrifuge mixer, large winch.

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