Noker High Performance 10a 20a 25a 30a 35a 40a 50a Single Phase Thyristor Scr Power Regulator Stabilizers

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The GS40 series high performance electric thyristor power regulator developed by our company is to reduce costs of controllers, to make the volume smaller and to improve visual appearance.

The thyristor power regulators are used in simply controlled places, and mainly used to control general heating wires. The entire series is formed after mold opening, so they are beautiful, economic and beneficial. They will be the highlights in the field of Scr power regulators.

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GS40 series power regulator developed by our company is based on many years of experience in power regulator research and development, in order to reduce the cost of controller, reduce the size and improve the visual beauty. GS40 Scr power regulator has a variety of control modes such as phase angle control and zero crossing control, and can control both resistive and inductive loads. Widely used in electric heating system. The whole series are open molding, beautiful, economical and practical. They will become a bright spot in the field of thyristor power regulators.

1. Single phase input, auto phase detect;
2. Phase angle&zero cross burst selectable;
3. Soft start function to protect load and SCR against surge current;
4. Analog input 0--10V/4-20mA;
5. RS-485 Modbus RTU communication;

6. Wide voltage range: AC110-440V;
7. Fault alarm;
7.1 Phase lose
7.2 Over heat
7.3 Over-current
7.4 Load lose

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Item Specification
Power supply Main power: AC110--440v, control power: AC100-240v
Power frequency 45-65Hz
Rated current 10a, 20a, 30a, 40a, 50a
Cooling way Forced fan cooling
Protection Phase lose, over current, over heat, overload, load lose
Analogue input 0-10v/4-20ma/0-20ma
Digital input One digital input
Communication Modbus communication
Trigger mode Phase shift trigger, zero-crossing trigger
Accuracy ±1% 
Stability ±0.2%
Environment Condition Below 2000m. Rise the rate power when the altitude is more than 2000m.Ambient Temperature: -25+45°CAmbient Humidity: 95%(20°C±5°C)



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The scr power regulators with a wide power supply rang from 110-440v, support 0-10v/4-20mA analogue input, 1 digital input, modbus communication can be used to control the scr power regulator remotely. If you need with PID temperature module, it is optional. You need not add additional temperature module anymore.

Keyboard operation

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The thyristor power controller adopts 4-bit digital tube display, the eye-catching digital tube display brightness is high, good reliability. Can display all parameters and status of the power regulator, fault information. The humanized design is very convenient for the power regulator field data setting and status display.


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The main structure of the power controller shell is plastic shell, using advanced surface powder spraying and spraying technology, compact size and beautiful appearance. The power electronic device thyristor inside the power controller is selected from well-known domestic brands, and all pcb boards have undergone strict electrical performance tests before leaving the factory.


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Single phase thyristor power regulators support resistive and inductive loads. Some applications thyristor power regulator widely be used:

1. Aluminium melting furnaces;

2. Holding furnaces;

3. Boilers;

4. Microwave dryers;

5. Multi-zone drying and curing overs;

6. Plastic injection moulding requiring multi-zone heating for mainfold moulds;

7. Plastic pipes and sheets extrusion;

8. Metal sheets welding systems;

Customer service

1. ODM/OEM service is offered.

2. Quick order confirmation.

3. Fast delivery time.

4. Convenient payment term.

At present, the company is vigorously expanding overseas markets and global layout. We are committed to becoming one of the top ten export enterprises in China’s electrical automatic product, serving the world with high-quality products and achieving a win-win situation with more customers.


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