Top Brand Wall Mounted Reactive Power Auto Compensation Unit 75kvar Asvg Advanced Static Var Generator

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The svg static var generator uses IGBT to control the value and phase of AC voltage of inverter, so as to serve the purpose of reactive and harmonic compensation. SVG can realize fast compensation for reactive load, and achieve very high compensation precision. Noker static var generator adapts the new technology of 3-level, more reliable and high performance.

Static var generator is currently the best solution in reactive power control filed. SVG is faster (within 10ms), its compensation precision is high (power factor over 0.99), the compensation method is flexible (SVG can compensate both inductive reactive power and capacitive reactive power), and SVG also has the function of active filtration of harmonic current.

Rolling mill, Arc furnace, Converter, Blaster furnace, Transmission system, Frequency converter, High power supply, UPS, Elevator,  Super press, Cutting, Numerical control machine,  Arc lamp, Halogen lamp, Air conditioner.

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SVG static var generator could balance load between phases and unloaded neutral wire for input voltage connection system such as 3P3W and 3P4W. Therefore, it will be a perfect solution with applications having reactive power requirements along with unbalanced loads, which is the case with the electricity distribution in rural areas, some industrial applications and much more.

1. It supports 15 compensation modes with any priority, such as harmonic, reactive power, imbalance and hybrid compensation.
2. IGBT and FPGA chips are reliable brands.
3. Effectively control the temperature rise of the equipment.
4. Adapt to the harsh natural environment and power grid environment.

5. Three level topology, small size and high efficiency.
6. FPGA architecture, high speed computing power.
7. Strong algorithm, fast response and accurate compensation.
8. Provide customized services for structure, software, hardware and functions.



Network voltage(V)                             200/400/480/690
Network voltage range                             -20%--+20%
Network frequency(Hz)


Scope of compensation

Capacitive and inductive continuously adjustable

CT mounting method

Open or closed loop(recommend in parallel operation)

CT mounting position

Grid side/load side

Response time

10ms or less

Connection method


Overload capacity

110%Continuous operation, 120%-1min

Circuit topology

Three-level topology

Switching frequency(khz)


Number of parallel machines

Parallel between modules 

Parallel machine under HMI control


Any unit can become a stand-alone unit

Unbalance governance





No screen/4.3/7 inch screen(optional)

Capacity(kVar)                     35、50、75、100、150
Harmonic range

2nd to 50th order 

Communication port


RJ45 interface, for communication between modules

Noise level

<56dB Max to <69dB(depending on module or load conditions)

Mounting type               Wall-mounted, rack-mounted, cabinet

Derating usage>1500m


Operating temperature: -45℃--55℃,  derating usage above 55℃

Storage temperature: -45℃--70℃


5%--95%RH, non-condensing

Protection class


Product display

AFP board

The svg static var generator adopts the hardware structure of FPGA, and the components are of high quality. Thermal simulation technology is used for thermal design of the system, and multi-layer PCB circuit board design ensures reliable isolation of high and low voltage, which provides guarantee for system safety.


acvav (1)

Where there is a low-voltage transformer installed and next to large electrical equipment should be equipped with reactive power compensation devices svg static var generator(this is the provisions of the national power department), especially those with low power factor industrial mines, enterprises, residential areas must be installed. Large asynchronous motors, transformers, welding machines, punches, lathes, air compressors, presses, cranes, smelting, steel rolling, aluminum rolling, large switches, electric irrigation equipment, electric locomotives, etc. In addition to incandescent lighting in residential areas, air conditioning, refrigerators, etc., are also reactive power consumption objects that can not be ignored. The rural electricity situation is relatively bad, most areas lack of power supply, voltage fluctuation is very large, power factor is especially low, installing compensation equipment is an effective measure to improve the power supply situation and improve the utilization rate of electric energy. Svg static var generator must the most ideal reactive power compensation device.

1.All types of industrial installations
2.Equipment using variable speed drive (VSD)
3.arcing equipment: electric arc furnace (EAF), ladle furnace (LF), and arc welding machine
4.Switching power supply: computer, TV, photocopiers, printer, air conditioner, PLC
5.UPS system
6.Data center
7.Medical equipment: MRI scanner, CT scanner, X-ray machine, and linear accelerator
8.Lighting equipment: LED, fluorescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp, and an ultraviolet lamp
9.Solar inverter and wind turbine generators

Customer service

1. ODM/OEM service is offered.

2. Quick order confirmation.

3. Fast delivery time.

4. Convenient payment term.

At present, the company is vigorously expanding overseas markets and global layout. We are committed to becoming one of the top ten export enterprises in China’s electrical automatic product, serving the world with high-quality products and achieving a win-win situation with more customers.


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